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Club News / Last Meeting Report

Haddo Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday 16 April 2017

There were lots of smiling faces on the kids, and adults, which made it all worthwhile, and the weather was kind to us. Despite a few hiccups this turned out to be a very successful day.

Club Reception Tent Face Painting Egg Rolling Egg Rolling

Unfortunately, on the Sunday morning our planned Face Painters went down with a virus.  At very short notice two of our Club members, Diane and Soenaid, stepped in to run this. (Despite being press-ganged, I think that they half enjoyed it, and made nearly £150).

Up at the main Car Park we had the Club Gazebo, and a bright orange Mini courtesy of John Clark Specialist Cars to assist in selling tickets for the Clan Raffle. Lawrence of Kemnay also gave us a donation, and we had two of their new cars on show beside the path down to the Pheasantry.

There were several super entries for the three painted egg competitions, and three winners in each age section received an Easter Egg.

The Egg rolling down Deer Hill was again a huge success, albeit somewhat frightening if you watch from the bottom of the hill. 

In our quiz, twenty eight correct quiz sheets were returned. The winner lives in Inverurie and will receive a £10 voucher.

We understand that there were about 960 cars clicked through the gate.  (Still to be confirmed).  The Car Parking worked very well and there was little or no queuing, and as a way of controlling numbers the pre-paid Car Entry pass system worked very well.

We would like to thank all who contributed to a wonderful day out in the fresh air, enjoying one of Aberdeenshire's most easily accessable public parks, in particular, Aberdeenshire Council, Lord Aberdeen and the Haddo Estate, the Haddo VSO, Methlick Scouts, St. Andrew's First Aid, Ellon Rotary Club, Lawrence of Kemnay and John Clark Specialist Cars, Doreen Grey and her volunteer team of Egg Layers, and the Easter Bunny.


"An alternative view on business principals" - 21 November 2016

Lloyd Duncan with Pres. Simon

Oldmeldrum Rotary were delighted to have had a full house in attendance last night for our member Lloyd Duncan's presentation on "An alternative view on business principals"

Two new Rotary members inducted. - 21 November 2016

Induction of Simon Ovenden and Bob Rose

Two new members have been inducted into Oldmeldrum Rotary Club in the last few weeks. So we are delighted to welcome Bob Rose and Simon Ovenden pictured below with Simon Kilker President of Oldmeldrum Rotary Club.

Rotary Shoebox Scheme

Filling Shoeboxes

Filling Shoeboxes
On Monday 7 November 2016, Oldmeldrum Rotarians and Meldrum Academy Interactors were busy filling shoeboxes for the Rotary Shoebox Scheme. Over 170 Shoeboxes were filled. These, together with the boxes from the surrounding feeder Primary Schools, will be delivered to the Aberdeen collection point on Thursday.

Meldrum Academy Interact Club organise Food Bank Collection - 24 October 2016

Food parcels for the Cyrenians Food parcels for the Cyrenians
Following a request for support from Aberdeen Cyrenians Food Bank pupils from Meldrum Academy Interact group rose to the challenge by organising a collection of tinned and dry goods, enough to fill the back of a large pick-up truck. This generosity of the pupils and parents was matched by other groups in the Academy resulting in a cheque for £400 also being donated to the Cyrenians.

The two photographs below are showing some of the food donated from the 4 Academy Houses, and the other shows members of the Meldrum Academy Interact group along with Rebecca Jackson the Interact staff member and Ray Walker from the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum which sponsors the Interact group.

Interact is part of the wider family of Rotary open to young people between the ages of 12 to 18 years. These young people work together to raise funds and deliver service projects in support of local and international issues which are of concern to them.

As a follow up on the Oldmeldrum Academy Interact team and Cyrenians story above - below is a report from one of the Interact members - Casey McIntosh

"Cyrenians and Interact.

A few weeks ago Meldrum Academy, along with many other primary and secondary schools in the Aberdeenshire area were helping by providing food donations and also things like coffee, tea, hot chocolate /coco and sugar to the local Cyrenians for their food banks.

This event was organised by my Interact club in Meldrum Academy. Interact is where you and your friends can come along on Monday lunch time, and be joined by the head of the schools Social Department and many other lovely people from the academy and other adult volunteers.
As well as that, at the same time, you can be trying your very best to support various charities and other special events that take place within the school and out.

We help to write some of the letters to be sent out that involve us, we filled some of the shoe boxes and put on pound coins to them to get sent off and we do many other things. We are also getting ready for upcoming events like the Christmas fare.

Although we are a small club we try our very best, as I said and we have fun with the adults , Mrs Jackson and many other lovely people that come along and please remember you and all your friends are very welcome to come along on your Monday lunch time and join us.

Sincerely Casey McIntosh. "

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Look Ahead:-

Monday Meetings Programme

Monday 15 Jan 2018   Speaker : Phyllis Garden, "Work as a private client Solicitor"
Monday 22 Jan 2018   Business Meeting
Monday 29 Jan 2018   5th Monday - TBA
Monday 5 Feb 2018   Speaker : Von Webster
Monday 12 Feb 2018   Speaker : Tim Deegan
Monday 19 Feb 2018   Speaker : Bob Rose
Monday 26 Feb 2018   Business Meeting
Monday 5 Mar 2018   Speaker : Rob Rothnie
Monday 12 Mar 2018   Speaker : Anne Shirran
Monday 19 Mar 2018   Speaker : ????
Monday 26 Mar 2018   Business Meeting

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Members Duty Rota

Date. Reception & Grace Cash Speaker Organiser Vote of Thanks Note
2 Alistair Flett Peter Chalmers David McClelland Anne Shirran  
9 Andy McPherson Rob Rothnie Diane Wood Tim Deegan  
16     C Andrew McCartney Simon Kilkerr Martin Belshaw Peter Chalmers  
23     B Anne Forster Simon Ovenden Business Meeting  
30 Anne Shirran Soenaid Coutts     5th Monday
6 Bob Rose Tim Deegan Maurice Clarke Rob Rothnie  
13 Diane Wood Von Webster Norman Brammer Simon Kilkerr  
20     C Martin Belshaw Willie Sinclair Owen Ball Simon Ovenden  
27     B Maurice Clarke Penny Morton Business Meeting  
3 Norman Brammer Sheena Clarke Peter Chalmers Soenaid Coutts  
10 Owen Ball Alistair Flett Rob Rothnie Stuart Singer  
17    C Peter Chalmers Andrew McCartney Simon Kilkerr Tim Deegan  
24     B Rob Rothnie Andy McPherson Business Meeting  
1 ??? ??? ??? Young Musician
8 Simon Kilkerr Anne Shirran Soenaid Coutts Von Webster  
15     C Simon Ovenden Anne Forster Simon Ovenden Willie Sinclair  
22     B Soenaid Coutts Bob Rose Business Meeting Club SGM
29 Tim Deegan Diane Wood     5th Monday
5 Von Webster Martin Belshaw  Stuart Singer Penny Morton  
12 Willie Sinclair Maurice Clarke Tim Deegan Sheena Clarke  
19     C Shenna Clarke Nicola Harvey Von Webster Nicola Harvey  
26     B Penny Morton Norman Brammer Business Meeting
3 Alistair Flett Owen Ball Penny Morton David McClelland  
10     C Andrew McCartney Peter Chalmers Willie Sinclair Stuart Singer  
17 Andy Macpherson David McClelland   Xmas Party
24         No Meeting
31         No Meeting
Date. Reception & Grace Cash Speaker Organiser Vote of Thanks Note
7 Anne Forster Rob Rothnie Norman Brammer Alistair Flett  
14 Anne Shirran Simon Kilkerr Alistair Flett Andrew McCartney  
21    C Bob Rose Simon Ovenden Andrew McCartney Andy McPherson  
28    B Diane Wood Soenaid Coutts Business Meeting  
4 Martin Belshaw Tim Deegan Anne Shirran Anne Forster  
11 Maurice Clarke Von Webster Andy McPherson Anne Shirran  
18     C Nicola Harvey Willie Sinclair Anne Forster Bob Rose  
25     B NormanBrammer Penny Morton Business Meeting  
4 Owen Ball Sheena Clarke Diane Wood David McClelland  
11 Peter Chalmers Alistair Flett David McClelland Diane Wood  
18     C Rob Rothnie Andrew McCartney Bob Rose Martin Belshaw  
25     B Simon Kilkerr Andy McPherson Business Meeting  
1 Simon Ovenden Anne Forster Andy McPherson Maurice Clarke  
8 Soenaid Coutts Anne Shirran Nicola Harvey Norman Brammer  
15     C Von Webster Bob Rose Peter Chalmers Owen Ball  
22     B Tim Deegan Diane Wood Business Meeting Club AGM
29 Willie Sinclair Martin Belshaw     5th Monday
6 Penny Morton Maurice Clarke Tim Deegan Von Webster  
13 Sheena Clarke Nicola Harvey Anne Shirran Martin Belshaw  
20     C Andrew McCartney Owen Ball Stuart Singer Penny Morton  
27     B Alistair Flett Norman Brammer Business Meeting  
3 Andy McPherson Peter Chalmers  Maurice Clarke Willie Sinclair  
10     C Anne Forster Rob Rothnie Sheena Clarke Soenaid Coutts  
17 Bob Rose Simon Kilkerr ADG David McClelland Club Assembly
24     B Diane Wood Simon Ovenden Soenaid Coutts Stuart Singer Handover

C (above) indicates Council Meeting night, B indicates Business Meeting night

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Events Calendar, Jan- June 2017

January 2017 Rotary Awareness Month    
Mon. 2 No Rotary meeting    
Mon 30 Club Burns Night    
February 2017 World Understanding Month    
March 2017 Literacy Month    
April 2017 Magazine Month    
Sun 16 Haddo Easter Egg Hunt    
Mon. 24 Club AGM    
Sun 30 District Assembly, Dundee    
May 2017      
Sat 27 Kayleigh's Wee Stars 10K Barra Hill Run    
June 2017 Fellowship Month    
Sat. 3 Taste of Grampian, Thainstone    
Tue. 6 Technology Challenge - Primaries    
Wed. 7 KIDS OUT    
Mon. 12 Council Handover meeting Old and New    
Sat 17 Oldmeldrum Sports    

Mon. 26

Oldmeldrum Club Assembly & Handover    

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"Squeeky Wheel".

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