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A few years ago Aberdeenshire Council found they could no longer support the Haddo Easter Egg Hunt to the same extent. Oldmeldrum Rotary stepped in to ensure this great family event continued, and we have now been organising the event since 2003.

Come, rain, hail or shine, hundreds of local and visiting families turn out to enjoy the park and search for the 1,500 wooden eggs which are hidden around the park.

Oldmeldrum Rotary Club is pleased to have not only the support of Lord Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Council, but also the many local volunteers who play a large part in making this a very enjoyable day.


Found an egg!"Found an egg!"


Rotarians Hail Egg Hunt Success - Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014

Activities at the Pheasantry Oldmeldrum Rotary Club team at the Reception tent
Finish of the Under 5's Egg Roll Race Start of the Adults Egg Roll Race

Families from all over the North East took advantage of fine weekend weather to take part in the traditional Egg Hunt at Haddo Country Park last Sunday.

Nearly four thousand people turned out at the park on Easter Sunday to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, organised by the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum.
In addition to the Egg Hunt, which saw children on the lookout for elaborately decorated eggs, there was an egg rolling contest on Deer Hill, as well as facepainting and a children’s activity marquee.

Speaking afterwards, Oldmeldrum Rotary President Richard Thomson hailed the event as a success and offered his thanks to all who had taken part.
“Today was a great day out for all ages”, he said. “The weather was fantastic and it was wonderful to be able to see so many families coming along to take part".
“The egg hunt is the biggest event of our year and allows us to give something back to the community".
“We are grateful for the help we received from our friends in Ellon Rotary Club who assisted us throughout the day, as well as from everyone associated with Haddo, without whose cooperation the event wouldn’t be the success that it is.”
“We look forward to welcoming everybody back again next year.”

Competition in the traditional egg rolling contest was as keen as ever, with around 50-60 competitors taking part.
Under 5's - Lily Findlay
5-8's - Teigan Blackhall
8-13's - Kitty Burton
Adolescents - Farquhar McDougall
Adults - Elle McIntosh
Free Range - Imogen Begg

Oldmeldrum Rotarians would like to thank the following individuals and companies for financial sponsorship, Lord Aberdeen, Lawrence of Kemnay, Wood Group Kenny, Meadows Veterinary Centre, Presly Pest Control Ltd, and S. French, Methlick.

Grateful thanks are also extended for the help and support from Doreen and her egg hiders from Tarves, St Andrews’ Ambulance Service, Grampian Police, Aberdeenshire Council, Haddo Estate and Haddo Visitor Services Officer, Methlick Scouts, Meldrum Academy face painters, Meldrum Academy Easter Bunny (Aaron Duff), Beaton Hall, Methlick and Ellon Rotary Club.

Haddo Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday, 31st March 2013

Haddo overspill car park
The Easter weekend was early this year and on 31st March on a cold but sunny day plenty of people from near and far took advantage of the weather to attend the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum’s annual Easter egg hunt in Haddo Country Park. Ellon Rotary Club members helped Meldrum Club members to marshal 1225 cars. These parking stewards did a sterling job in wet and muddy conditions starting at 9 am and continuing until 4.30 when a few cars required help to get out!

At the Pheasantry "Found an Egg" Easter Bunny
More than 3000 people then made their way up to the Reception tent where members of the club handed out programmes and information on the varied programme and how to look for the 1500 wooden eggs hidden round the park. There was the usual egg decorating competition and egg rolling down Deer Hill. The large marquee was also well visited as the children wanted to have their face painted. This year had a new innovation of nail painting and many of the children were keen to do that. While they waited in the queues the children were able to draw Easter pictures or complete dot to dots. The parents were also catered for with Ellon Rotary Club manning a refreshment stall with cups of hot tea and coffee being just what was needed on a cold day! There were nearly 50 Rotarians and family members helping out which is a huge commitment but a rewarding service for the community.

Up the Hill Ready to Egg Roll The ladies have a roll Heading Home
Most people were astonished that there was no charge for the event. This is due mainly to the generosity of our sponsors. Although Rotarians are eager to provide this service free of charge to the community the cost of staging this event is nearly £2000. Our donations from the public came to just over £1600 which means that our sponsorship donations are very much needed to keep the event going.

Oldmeldrum Rotarians would like to thank the following individuals and companies for financial sponsorship, Lord Aberdeen, Tom Gunn, Lawrence of Kemnay, Stewart & Watson, JP Kenny Caledonia, Meadows Veterinary Centre, PMC Property, Presly Pest Control Ltd, Oldmeldrum Post Office, Duthies Of Tarves, S French Methlick and Lochter Fishery

Grateful thanks are also extended for the help and support from Doreen and her egg hiders from Tarves, St Andrews’ Ambulance Service, Grampian Police, Aberdeenshire Council, Haddo Estate and Haddo Visitor Services Officer (Denise Belshaw), Methlick Scouts, Meldrum Academy face painters, Meldrum Academy Easter Bunny (Keiran Booth), Longhaven Hall and Ellon Rotary Club.

Oldmeldrum Rotary President Martin Belshaw hailed the 2013 event as a success and offered his thanks to all who had taken part.
“Today was a fantastic day out for all ages”, he said. “We are indebted to the cooperation we get from everyone associated with staging this event, without which the event wouldn’t be the success that it is. “It’s always fantastic to be able to see so many people of all ages enjoying themselves. “We look forward to welcoming everybody back again next year when it will be 20th April 2014”


Haddo Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday, 8th April 2012

The Haddo Egg Hunt took place again on Easter Sunday, when the weather was not quite the glorious sunny conditions that we had last year. We had had a bit of rain on the previous 3 days which had made the car parking fields a bit slippy in places, but the weather on the Sunday was for the most part overcast but dry. We had one heavy shower about 11.30 am which sent a lot of people running for their cars, but otherwise it was OK.

Haddo Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday, 4th April 2010

Start of the Egg Rolling In full flight And the adults ran too... Chasing the egg Down at the Pheasantry Grampian Community Police Safety Van

Large numbers turned out on Easter Sunday to the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum's annual egg hunt at Haddo House. Despite slippery conditions in the field set aside for cars which made parking troublesome, the forecast heavy rain forecast stayed away, allowing over 4,000 people to enjoy the day.

Over 2000 painted wooden eggs were hidden in Haddo Country Park throughout the day by a team of dedicated ‘hiders’. Once found, wooden eggs could be exchanged for chocolate ones,. While some children opted to keep one or more of their wooden eggs, over 500 were exchanged for chocolate ones.
Other attractions on the day included an 'activity marquee' where children could decorate eggs or small felt bags. A team of face painters from Meldrum Academy were also present, ready to transform children into butterflies or tigers! In all, seven egg rolling runs took place down down Deer Hill.
The RotaKids of Tarves Primary School did a wonderful job in organising and running the Easter Bonnet competition and parade in the afternoon. They prepared well, with colourful posters advertising the event and writing successfully to local businesses to obtain prizes they could give away.

The event saw a number of community groups come together to take part.
Friends of Haddo oversaw and judged the painted egg competition which once again attracted many magnificent entries. Winners on the day included: Amira Cheyne (5) of Inverurie; Sarah More (11) of Tarves; Ryan Smith of (3) Aberdeen; Rhiannon Pirie (6) of Bridge of Don; Ellie Henderson (8) of Ardallie; Elliot Smith (2) of Methlick; Kaylah Miller (7) of Auchterless; Roisin Morton (10) of Ythsie; Ellie Gunn and Natasha Weir.
The educational element offered by the Aberdeenshire Library Services proved to be very popular with parents with younger children. Their 'Bookstart' stand was very busy throughout the day and the Book Character Quiz attracted 82 entries. The winning entry drawn was by Sofia Masson, aged 3, from Ellon.
Other community involvement on the day included Grampian Community Police who said they had enjoyed the day and looked forward to returning next year. Melanie Baldwin, Waste Promotions Officer at the Waste Aware Bus, reported that “despite the grey clouds, there was an enthusiastic welcome for the Waste Aware Bus with plenty of visitors throughout the day. Children - and adults too - enjoyed exploring the bus and the interactive exhibits, learning how to 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' whilst having fun. Parents took the opportunity to ask questions on everything from food waste and home composting to plastics recycling as their children played.”

All funds collected on the day will go to good causes locally, nationally and internationally.

The Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum would like to thank the following for their support in allowing the event to take place:-
Major Sponsors: Lord Aberdeen Haddo Estate, Lawrence of Kemnay, Stewart & Watson, Wood Group Integrity Management
Sponsors & Supporters: ATU Consultancy Ltd, Meadows Veterinary Centre, Jaywalker Limited, Lochter Activity Centre, R & I Neish Ltd Peterhead, Oldmeldrum Post Office, Oldmeldrum Golf Club, Desswood Stores Aberdeen, Morrisons Supermarket, Inverurie, S. French Methlick, Mackie’s Of Scotland, Meldrum Academy, Meldrum & Daviot Scouts, Methlick Scouts, Friends Of Haddo, Tarves School And Rotakids, Haddo House NTS, Methlick Motors, St Andrews’ Ambulance Service, Grampian Police.
Sponsors For Easter Bonnets - Duthies’ Of Tarves, Hoodles Playbarn, Morrisons of Aberdeen, Tolquhon Gallery.
Mackies of Scotland donated 2000 bags of their crisps to hand out, and many people were pleased to accept these free gifts as well as the chocolate eggs.

Haddo Egg Hunt 2009 - Easter Sunday - 12 April 2009

The Egg Hunt TeamWhat a beautiful day it was on Sunday! Plenty of people from near and far took advantage of the weather to attend the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum annual Easter Egg Hunt in Haddo Country Park.
More than 1500 cars were counted in the car park and the marshals did a sterling job in getting everyone parked up ready to enjoy the day. Club members also donned yellow tabards to man the reception tent to inform people of the varied programme, how to find the eggs, hand out quizzes and take in Easter bonnets for the competition. Most people were astonished that there was no charge for the event. This a service to the Community provided by the Rotarians of Oldmeldrum who are grateful to the sponsors for their support and the donations received from the public on the day to cover the costs.
Thus Oldmeldrum Rotarians would like to thank the following individuals and companies for sponsorship and support given; Lord Aberdeen Haddo Estate, Lawrence of Kemnay, Stewart & Watson, Ionik Consultancy, George Wimpey East Scotland, Employment Solutions Consultancy, JD Penny, Presly Pest Control Ltd, Jaywalker Ltd, Burns Coaches, Oldmeldrum Post Office, R & I Neish Ltd, Desswood Stores Aberdeen, Morrison's Supermarket Inverurie, , M&S Store Inverurie, , Duthies Of Tarves, Mackie's Of Scotland, Michaelmuir Garage, Methlick Costcutter, S French Methlick, Methlick Motors, Meldrum Academy, 1st Daviot and Oldmeldrum Scouts and Methlick Scouts. We should also like to thank the St Andrews Ambulance personnel who attended the event as first aiders.

Face Painting Tent
We increased the number of eggs hidden this year and expect that we will have to provide even more next year if the numbers attending continue to increase! The marquee down at the Pheasantry provided the young people with much entertainment.
There was face painting kindly provided by senior pupils of Oldmeldrum Academy which as always generated long queues, craft tables where they painted eggs, painted pictures and created designs.
The competitions were well supported and the Easter bonnets which were paraded to much admiration, before being judged by Katie Gifford, Kirstie Gifford and Shona Dempster resulted in wins for Jasmine Weston aged 4, Lexie Murrison, aged 5 and Joshua Baughclark, aged 7.
The painted egg competitions winners who ranged from 2-13 years were as follows: Reece Arin, Leigh Irvine, Jack Morrison, Kathryn Mortimer, Ben Bonner, Tia Knowles, Shannon Bonner, Emily Munro, Leon Knowles, Morgan Stewart, Ryan McGillvery, Fraser ?, Amy Parley, Leoni Mortimer, Charlie Wilson, Spencer Manclark, Jodie Leigh, Abigail Duthie, Aundrea Nugent, Emma McConald, Aby Smart, Ella Richardson, Reagan Robson, Josh Lecky, Taylor Robson, Emma Lecky, Katie Howard. Winners of the Easter Quiz were; Alex Pullar, Jennifer Cordiner, and Craig Emmerson.  Winners ranged from local visitors to those from as far away as Manchester . Those not present to collect their prizes will be contacted directly.

At the painted Eggs TableReadt for the start of Egg RollingMany people noted the Shelterbox on display at the reception area. These same shelter boxes were delivered on behalf of Rotary to the earthquake region in Italy to assist those made homeless.
Down near the Pheasantry the Police caravan with their “beer goggles” which, when on people, simulated being drunk and thus unable to walk down a straight white line attracted much humorous attention, but at the same time got the serious message about the affects of alcohol across.
We were pleased to welcome The Friends of Haddo Country Park who “wish to try to help improve the way that it is managed for the benefit of visitors and to provide a voice for people who want to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the Country Park ” were also down at the Pheasantry and were pleased to report that over 100 people applied for membership on the day.
Usually around Christmas-time the Easter eggs appear, this year we turned it on its head and Christmas came early, as the car raffle tickets for the CLAN Christmas Raffle were for sale.
The programme of events culminated in the egg-rolling down Deer Hill when a record number of 7 runs were undertaken. The Egg Rolling Event was exceptional this year. Perhaps 150-200 participants and spectators (who end up participating if they have to run out of the way) turned up on the hill, and in the now time honoured tradition made an incredible mess, for the local wildlife to clear up, eat,  afterwards. 6 formal races and a Grand Finale (better know as "free range"), were run; roughly split into under 5yrs, 5-8yrs, 8-13yrs, adolescents, adults and free-range (everybody together), although towards the end, this strict demarcation gets a bit confused.

Rotarians were delighted at the number of people who attended and participated .Willie Sinclair, the organiser, stated how satisfying it was to note that Rotary could provide such a great family event tailored to suit all the community, and we hope to see you all again next year on April 4th 2010!.


Haddo Egg Hunt - Easter Sunday - 21 March 2008

Egg Rolling StartThere was snow, hail, rain and a sea of mud to contend with on Easter Sunday 2008, but not the high winds experienced on the Friday before. The marquees proved invaluable for the event and the calm weather on Saturday afternoon allowed the Rotarians and Scouts to erect them.

On the Sunday some 1200 people and 500 plus cars trickled into the car park throughout the day. This number allowed the Rotary Car Park Team to direct only the 4 x 4s into the field, leaving the tarred car park for other cars. The tractor which had been arranged to extract vehicles from the mud wasn’t needed.

The ALEC vehicle, the Waste Awareness vehicle, the face painters, the Aberdeenshire Library Services ladies all arrived on cue to entertain the visitors. Four Red Cross personnel were on hand to deal with any emergency.

Egg Rolling in progressThe 2008 Egg Rolling Event passed without incident despite the sometimes atrocious weather on the day. An early course inspection revealed the going as "snowy on mud" which was kindly packed down by the sledgers earlier in the morning.
Immediately prior to commencement "whiteout" conditions threatened to jeopardise the whole affair but these abated just in time and about 30 people appeared through the blowing snow. In light of the conditions we chose to have just three runs, and had sufficient prizes to give the majority of people who took part a prize. Under the circumstances this was a roaring success.

Obviously the visitor numbers were seriously down on previously years, however, the items purchased will be stored and used for next year’s egg hunt.

The winners of the painted eggs competition were as follows:-
Joy McCrae
Shannon Banner
Betty & Finn McCrae
Arin Irvine
Ellie Halmshaw
Ronan Cowie
Karlyn Mortimer
Craig Main
Calum Westland
Jasmin Shirran
Konnor & Kaitlin Carlton

Painted Face with Wooden EggThe face painting was also successful, and the photograph is of Maren Mowatt of St Fergus.

The Easter Bonnet competition, judged by Elaine Falconer, resulted in a win for Hilary Gordon and Annette Ramsden.

Christine Falconer, the organiser, stated how satisfying it was to note that Rotary could rise to the occasion and run with the event, even though the weather was dreadful. People attending said they were enjoying themselves regardless of the weather, and appreciated the fact that it had not been cancelled.

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