Meldrum Rotary Hosts Annual ‘Gavel’ Contest Final - 30 July 2009

Dyce Roraty, Gavel Winners 2009A team from the Rotary Club of Dyce emerged triumphant, as Oldmeldrum Rotary Club played host to the 2009 final of the annual District 1010 (North of Scotland) ‘Gavel’ contest.

The Gavel is a hotly contested but friendly intra-mural series of traditional pub games, played between the participating Clubs in the 1010 Rotary district - an area which covers every part of Scotland north of a line from the River Forth to the Isle of Skye. The event, held at Oldmeldrum’s Lochter Activity Centre, was contested by three clubs, Dyce, Buckie and the Carse of Stirling. In keeping with the social spirit of the contest, the evening started with a barbeque and beer before the games began.

Throughout the contest, which began last August, hosts have been able to set the challenges for their visitors. As winners of the previous year’s contest, Oldmeldrum had this privilege, despite going out to near neighbours Dyce in this year’s semi-finals. This year’s final included golf pitching and laser trap shooting, as well as more traditional pub games such as dominoes and jenga.

Speaking afterwards, Oldmeldrum Gavel organiser David McLelland said: “Many congratulations to Dyce on their win this evening. The contest this evening was played in a great spirit, for which we thank Buckie and Carse of Stirling also.
"Most people know about Rotary's charitable fundraising for projects at home and abroad, and of course that's a big part of what we're about. However, as well as being about service to the community, Rotary is also about having fun. The great thing about the Gavel contest is that it gives an opportunity for Rotarians from across the North of Scotland to meet together socially, while enjoying some friendly inter-club competition.
“My thanks go to everyone at Lochter, and to everyone in the Oldmeldrum Club, who helped to make the evening run so smoothly. The Carse of Stirling Club finished as runners up, with Buckie taking the bronze medal position.

10 Pin Bowling End of the Jenga game Golf Pitching Virtual Hula-Hooping Laser Trap Shooting Connect 4 Whose move next? Everybody enjoyed themselves Speeches at the end

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