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Report for 19 November 2007
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26 November 2007

Local and International news at Oldmeldrum Club, Meeting 26 Nov. 2007

Community Garden, Cheque Presentation, and Report on Bangladesh Typhoon Disaster.

At the business meeting the convenors gave their reports and the good news was that the Community garden project attracted fourteen workers on Saturday morning and they planted 150 gorse bushes and 150 rose bushes. It was really good to welcome four young men who are using the garden project for the community part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Douglas Cowe reminded members that a £100 cheque will be presented to Oldmeldrum Playgoup to allow them to buy reflective tabards for the children.

Sadder news was the report by International Convenor, Phil Duncan, whose presentation on the desperate situation in Bangladesh resulted in the Club sending a £490 Rotary Shelterbox and members giving individual donations for Phil to send on. Phil made a special presentation on the whole aspect of The Rotary Foundation saying that this is basically Rotary's mission to do good in the world with the help of its dedicated volunteer network. He gave examples of the Educational programmes, the Humanitarian Grant programme, the polio plus programme and then outlined some of the recent issues that Rotary has actioned. The Water Resource group has raised awareness in all clubs of the facts that 20% of the world's population lack access to clean drinking water. Each club will be encouraged to support and participate in a project to alleviate this. Finally he was able to report that worldwide Rotary members were responding the desperate situation already mentioned of the cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh . 230 Shelterboxes were immediately sent with another 440 on the way together with a Shelter Response Team. The Humanity First Medical Team will be using the dispatched 200 Aquaboxes in support of their field hospital.

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19 November 2007

Speaker from Childline during Anti-Bullying Week

President Robin Falconer welcomed members and guests. One of the guests was a member of the Brynmawr Rotary Club in Wales . David Dutson is travelling the country just now giving presentation to advertise the “Lifestraw” which is an invention of his Rotary Club. This enterprising gadget is able to take in dirty water and make it clean. Due to iodine crystals the water becomes fit for human consumption and will keep someone in clean water for a whole year. Add to the fact that it costs only £2.50, it seems a great way to help the many people in the world who do not have access to clean water. They retail at £5.00 so that one bought here will allow another to be sent abroad.

Linda Robertson who is the Training and Outreach Officer with Childline was our speaker. She gave a most informative presentation of the service from its inauguration by Esther Rantzen in 1986 to the present day including the fact that Aberdeen is one of the two Scottish Centres. It is appropriate she came in Anti-Bullying week as ma quarter of the 35000 calls a year relate to bullying at school. The service began in Scotland in 1990 and in Aberdeen there are 30 people volunteering for counselling, training and administration. The counsellors operate a six hour shift and answer nearly 35 calls during this time. Interestingly there are three times as many calls from girls then boys. She reminded us that calls are free and that no record of these calls are kept whether from land lines or mobiles. The Childline service has branched out to support schools and other organisations, like Grampian Racial Equality Council, in providing training on peer mentoring and buddy projects and has worked in supporting projects to deter cyber bullying. Finally Childline also campaigns on behalf of children to the policy makers to make them aware of children's concerns.

Members were also delighted to view the certificate presented to Douglas Cowe by Aberdeenshire Education's "Determined to Succeed" Team, commending Oldmeldrum Rotary Club for their work with Meldrum Academy . This certificate acknowledges the Rotarians of the Oldmeldrum Club for supporting the enhancement of pupil learning experiences and developing skills and attitudes. Nice to be appreciated!

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6 August 2007

The Aberdeen Crime Writer comes to Oldmeldrum.

Local author, Stuart McBride, was given a warm welcome by President Robin and a fine introduction by Stuart Singer. Standing with a copy of his first book in his hand, Stuart gave a potted history on how he became fascinated by crime writing after being an extra in the television programme “Roughnecks”. In that programme Aberdeen was depicted as having little houses and quaint fishing boats. Also at a camera shoot at the station the electric lights were taken down and replaced by old-fashioned lanterns and the extras were instructed to stand about looking miserable and depressed ! Stuart decided he wanted to portray Aberdeen as a more modern metropolis and kept us on tenterhooks describing his research in the Aberdeen area. We now know that to go into a famous café in Aberdeen alone and carrying a copy of a certain paper-back will alert others to the fact that an interest in bondage could be on your mind. Since his books are firstly translated into Norwegian, and even now read by the Japanese it would be beneficial if all those reading this column refrained from reading that book in public! His research for book number four took him to an abbatoir where he was kicked in the head by a dead cow! Also it would seem, according to one of his informants, that allegedly the Aberdeen International Casino is run jointly by the Taliban and the Mafia. Living in Oldmeldrum and its surrounding district seemed safe and sound until he told us that he has already put our district into his latest book. Neville Jones thanked Stuart for his witty, amusing and interesting talk from an author's perspective and all members, who have not already done so are off to read the Stuart McBride books starting with Cold Granite, his first book (and who knows, some may also be visiting that café in Aberdeen!!).

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30 July 2007

Walking amongst stones 40 million years old!

About forty Rotarians, partners, friends and relations dressed for a rambling walk met up at the Woodhead and Windyhills Community Trust site outside Fyvie. Helen Taylor welcomed us explaining that the project had taken off in 2003 having bought the land from Tarmac and thus the quarry was allowed to become a site of scientific interest. Helen and her other four colleagues gave us a guided tour pointing out the white flat stones that had been made from layers of sand and gravel deposited over 40 million years ago. The Windyhills deposits of quartzite gravels are reckoned to be unique in Europe . The ground underfoot was wet but we were dressed for that. After about an hour and a half of walking we arrived back at the car park ready to drive down to the Vale Hotel for an excellent supper. It was good to catch up with Hilary Gordon, the Team Leader for the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Girls' camp. She described the setting at the Abernethy Centre as tremendous for all the activities and reported that Heather Turnball, from Oldmeldrum, Lyndsay Kennedy from Inverurie and Debbie Clark for Ellon, had, like all the other 61 candidates, a brilliant week team building and developing leadership skills.

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16 July 2007

Lochter's Ospreys cause Sandy 's fishing woes!

Vice Presdent Anne Forster opened the meeting welcoming members and Gary McAllister from Ellon Rotary Club. After consuming a delicious salad for the health conscious members and beef olives with chips for those not watching their waistlines, we listened to Sandy Fowlie's entertaining talk of his part-time work at Lochter fisheries. Sandy, of course is one of our own members, managing his farm at Balcairn, but enjoys huntin', shootin', fishin', so much that he tutors at Lochter to help others enjoy participating in these skills. One of his more hilarious observations is that despite having a busy restaurant at Lochter the best fed “customers” are the two pairs of ospreys resident there which consume a substantial number of fish from the fishing ponds, which really should be for the benefit of paying anglers! There must be a fishy tale told at home time on the “one that got away”!

Andrew McCartney and Douglas Cowe were able to report that our candidate, Heather Turnball, from Meldrum Academy had completed her week at the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) camp at Abernethy and had described her experience as fantastic. As Hilary Gordon, one of our members is the Camp leader this was testimony to the commitment and dedication of Hilary and her leaders to the Rotary Youth programme.

The boys RYLA camp is taking place this week and we have sponsored Richard Core, also form Meldrum Academy and we await with interest his views on his experience. Heather and Richard have already expressed their willingness to come to one of our meetings to give us a first hand account of how their leadership skills were improved by their experiences.

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Meeting Report

9 July 2007

Cruising to Oldmeldrum Rotary Club

President Robin welcomed members with an especial welcome to Jim Bruce, one of our former presidents who has returned from six years in India and Singapore .

Anne Shirran introduced her daughter Victoria whose first appearance aged three as a poodle in a dancing show has led her to a high kicking career as a dancer on the fabulous Broadway shows on Carnival Cruises.

Victoria described the beginnings of enjoying the dancing school she started at age two continuing until at the age of seventeen when she made the decision to make dancing a career. London beckoned and she spoke of her gratitude to her parents for their support and to Aberdeenshire Council for the scholarship to study performing arts at the Italia Conti School . She studied for three years rising at seven and dancing till five, attending auditions and finally landing the job with Carnival Cruises. It is a hard challenge learning and rehearsing for the magnificent productions. Practising for ten hours a day would be normal and no time off until the show is ready. Then there are two productions a week. She showed slides of the Las Vegas style costumes with feathers and sequins galore. There are twelve costume changes and only seconds in which to change.

There are compensations, though, once the shows are ready, for the chances of visiting far away places are there for the taking. New Orleans, Los Angeles, Mexico and all the Caribbean Islands have been explored and enjoyed. Even better for her parents is that they also manage to experience that lifestyle on ship and shore for a reduced cost! Questioned on whether her slim and lithe figure meant she had to forego the pleasures of the gourmet food, she was quick to reply that she enjoyed the food but was able to access all the fitness equipment to work it off!

Owen Ball gave the Vote of Thanks remarking on Victoria 's performance considering that by her own admission this was her first attempt at public speaking.

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