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As part of the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum's Youth Development Programme a new adventure for the youngest members of the family of Rotary has been established at Tarves Primary School in 2010. --- RotaKids!

Below are reports by the RotaKids on the current year's projects. All P6/7 did a piece of writing and these are the ones selected for publication!! RotaKids have impressed us again.

"RotaKids Litter Pick" by Cillian McCraith

Litterpickers More litterpickers

On the 11/11/11 P7 RotaKids from Tarves School did a litter pick in the playground and the local park. At 9.30 the P7's were told by Rob and Anne from Oldmeldrum Rotary to get into partners. We were then given gloves, a litter grabber, high viz vests and a bin bag. After that we were sent outside to collect litter. Lots and lots of rubbish was found such as: broken glass, crisp packets, wine bottles, parts of a phone, firework pieces, a 3 meter piece of white, plastic piping, a tennis ball and even an old bike!

The litter pick was a huge success. Also as a result we had made the playground and the park a safer place and had served the community. Anne and Rob were surprised to see some pairs of RotaKids were onto a second bag. I think every one had a great time!

"Super Smile Day" by Jenna Allan

As a RotaKid we have to do many jobs but my favourite day was the day Hanover Court came to see us.
Primary 5 and 6 made some lovely, beautiful cakes. They also made a massive banner which was big, bold and colourful.
Pupils ready to welcome Hanover Court residents Hanover Court residents and the Smiles Tree Smiles tree

As everyone arrived RotaKids started to get a bit nervous because they did not know if they would have anything in common with the older visitors, or how to start a conversation. The visitors started off having a cup of tea and a yummy cake. We then played a lot of games with them such as draughts, bingo, scrabble, ipod and even a d.s.
Everyone had a great time. There were 16 smiles signed and hung on the tree. There would have been more but we ran out of pictures of smiles. Some people said,
"Meeting the boys and girls at Tarves School made me happy and smiley."
We got a lot of photographs of people smiling and we would all love to repeat the occasion. It was a successful day and we all had fun and we all smiled.

"The Shoe Box Appeal in Tarves" by Susie Presley

Rotary Shoebox Scheme

The Shoe Box appeal happened in Tarves School on 21/11/11. It started at 9.30 and carried on throughout the day.
We packed 24 boxes with goodies like toys, soaps and candles etc., etc.
Kirsty and Megan had sent a letter out to tell everyone about the Shoes Box appeal. There were 9 different categories to choose from; Mum, Dad, boy or girl Teenager, Little boy or girl and household.
All the boxes will be going to people who need them in Europe.

"Shoe Boxes Full" by Lorna Scott

Each box was full to the brim because everybody was kind and brought in lots of stuff. Rob and Anne took the boxes away. They were very impressed!

"Feelings about Shoe Box Appeal Action" by Ewan Collie

On Monday the 21st November our school was allocated to do a ShoeBox appeal. When we were told by Rob we all sighed.... but when Rob told us where the Shoe Boxes were going to you could see on everyone’s' face the determination that meant we were going to succeed.
Letters were sent out. There were different age groups; Mums, teenagers, small boys and small girls. At the time of filling the boxes everyone was frustrated, " That doen' fit!" "Quicker!". Then just as we were about to give up we remembered how grateful people would be when they opened the Boxes. This puts our momentum right back up.
We packed everything from toiletries to board games. Afterwards we got our photos taken with all the Boxes. We were all astonished how many there were. Hopefully they will be gratefully received.


RotaKids logo       Tarves RotaKids 2010 / 2011

As part of the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum's Youth Development Programme a new adventure for the youngest members of the family of Rotary has been established at Tarves Primary School. --- RotaKids!

rotakids2Oldmeldrum Rotarians and the school work in partnership with these youngsters, aged 9 to 12, to help them learn the importance of working as a team which makes a difference to their school, their community and their world.

By enthusiastically committing to completing local and international projects for the benefit of others they also make a difference to themselves; they grow in confidence and self belief and develop skills and knowledge to be able to fulfil their pledge: "As a RotaKid, I endeavour to be fair to all, to serve my community and to show respect for others".

A President, and Vice President of RotaKids were voted for and elected by the pupils in P7. Certificates were presented to them at a whole school assembly. Since then a number of highly successful projects have been undertaken.

RotaKids litter pickLitter pick-up using equipment bought with a Rotary District Simplified Grant, the community park and play area at the back of the school has been the focus of their efforts. Last time, the following items were found: a broken scooter, a trouser belt, a high-heeled shoe, a tent and an I-pod. The Kids demonstrated good teamwork, concentration and active fun. All youngsters and parents in the village who use this park will have benefited.


RotaKids coffee stallThe RotaKids raised money for the Pakistan flood disaster. The Kids borrowed money from the school to buy items to hold a coffee morning in the school. This included ingredients to make cakes and biscuits. The baking was done and the coffee morning was held. The school was paid back and the profit went to Pakistan. The Kids enjoyed selling and serving all members of the local community who came along. The school hall was packed and the noise of conversation and enjoyment was loud


RotaKids guess the bear's nameThe Kids organised fundraising for the ARCHIE Foundation, which is a charity making a real difference to the lives of children of the North East of Scotland and the Islands who need medical care in the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital or in their own community. The Kids were given a teddy bear by a supporter of ARCHIE and decided to hold a competition in school to guess the teddy’s birthday. The money was handed over to ARCHIE at the school assembly on 7th February.2011 . Over £100 was raised. The Representative from ARCHIE was very impressed.


The RotaKids organised the filling of Shoe Boxes by the whole school. The Head Teacher was really impressed that the Kids were so enthusiastic and organised the project themselves led by their President.

After the school extension was complete the RotaKids helped clear out unwanted reading books. They packed them into boxes for collection by Books Abroad.

The RotaKids renewed their Pledge and were presented with certificates and silicone wrist bands which they are proudly wearing . The bands state:- "RotaKids - Make a Difference"

Currently Oldmedrum Rotarians are collecting Tesco Vouchers for the RotaKids.

In the summer term, the RotaKids will do another litter pick-up and a "Travel to school" survey.


If you are a teacher, or rotarian, and want to find out a bit more about how you could set up a similar scheme at your local school, contact Anne Forster, Rotary District 1010 contact for RotaKids, Ph. 07816 790553.

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